Welcome to Blog 2.0

Some of you might remember my first blog. I started it in early 2004 and it lasted a few months. The content is presumably gone or buried somewhere in TypePad’s servers, never to be found again. Blogging wasn’t doing it for me back then, but I’ve been bugged relentlessly by numerous folks over the past year or so to get back in the game. And the muse has struck as well. Kismet!

Giving WordPress a try. Wish me luck!


  1. Dan

    OH finally the masses can rejoice, for splendor hath taken words and like holy scripture, we find in the ever-growing cloud of nothingness true light and form. Thank you, wise sagely Shawn, for sharing with the privileged your daily ramblings, occasional thoughts, and the contents of your bowels. Sleep again, my dear compatriots, for once more our saviour has taken up the proverbial pen.

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