Evan is starting to happen….

Evan Dando is back. I stumbled upon Fred Wilson’s post about an MP3 pre-release of one of the songs from the upcoming album. I didn’t even know there was an upcoming album!

If you don’t know about The Lemonheads, the BIO on the official site is pretty amusing. The commentary about the constant lineup changes is something I bumped into personally. In the latter half of the 80s I played bass (and tried not to sing too much) for a band you’ve never heard of. But we were in Boston, and the community was relatively small. A drummer I knew (though hadn’t played with) at Brandeis played with The Lemonheads for a very short period of time – and may in fact be the guy referenced in the bio.

I’ve had the track running on repeat while I’ve typed this. I dig! Gonna try to catch the show in Boston in December….


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