How does the Roach Coach biz work?

Our company’s offices are in a non-descript, two-story, mixed-use, brick building out on the Route 128 loop. The roach coach visits twice a day, relatively promptly at 10:00 and 13:00. It is the only roach coach that comes by the building. I wish Peet’s or Starbucks had roach coaches that came to visit, alas…

I grok (generally) the basic economics of how this particular guy’s business works. What I don’t grok is how routes and properties get sorted out and maintained.

The fare of this particular outfit is nothing to get excited about. Well, let’s be honest: actually it varies from crappy to scary. I’ve spoken with a number of the folks who hit the truck regularly to try to understand why, especially given the sub-optimal results of my own experimentation with his wares. Uniformly, I’ve been told that it stinks, but it’s all there is, so that’s that. Seems like a clear case of an unserved market opportunity.

So where’s the competition? How are these routes and “building ownerships” set and enforced?

If I go buy a truck tomorrow and show up on Tuesday at 10:00 and 13:00, what will happen? Will some guy named Tony arrive at my home and break my legs? Will the building owner sue me? Or is there just an unwritten code of honor among roach coach owners?


One comment

  1. throat puncher

    if tony shows up to break your legs call me. i specialize in “re-educating” gangsters, tough guys, and police officers. prices depend on service required

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