Clear Wheels – Whodathunkit?

Science is cool. Materials Science is especially cool. The 2006 SEMA Show wrapped today in Las Vegas. For the non-car-nuts in the audience, the Special Equipment Market Association members gather periodically to show off their new car toys.

One of the neat new products introduced at SEMA was a wheel with a clear center. Apparently (?) these were for show only (they had a motorcycle wheels too), but you know folks are working their butts off on this.

Clear Wheel 1

Practically speaking, it seems like (a) you’d have a bear of a time keeping the brake-side clean of brake dust and whatever else makes its way in there and (b) I assume that this sheet of plastic would not permit proper ventilation of the brakes – perhaps you’d have to have some active system to move air “out” of the wheel? Still theoretical, purportedly, but definitely neat! Gotta get a set for my Jeep!



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