Ducati Styling: 1098 vs. 999

I’ve been a lifelong student of the aesthetic design of motorized vehicles. In the last few months as the upcoming Ducati 1098 photos have been making the rounds online and in print, I have been surprised at, what appears to me, the sudden reversal of opinion on the 999 design.

I don’t own a 999 (though I considered purchasing one this fall), and I’m not on the 1098 lists. Those of you who know me understand however that I do have a penchant for Italian vehicles, so I pay attention to what Ducati is up to (on the race track and on the road).

The article in the latest print issue of Cycle World pushed me over the design confusion edge. I can’t find the article online, but here’s their first ride article, fwiw. Furthermore, you can read all sorts of debates on the styling at the Ducati.ms Superbikes forum.

Beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder. All I know is that a lot of folks are gonna have a lot of fun with a lot of pre-owned Ducati 999s that appear to be ready to plummet in value with the advent of the 1098. Perhaps I’ll pull the trigger in the spring.



One comment

  1. koolio

    Ah, the long debate between the 999 and 1098 styling…personally, I like both but the 1098’s style oozes sex appeal. At the end of the day, I find the 999 to be more of a conservative and understated style. Whereas, the 1098 is an aggressive style.

    Heck, I’ve owned a 2006 749 and will (hopefully) be picking up a 1098 this week – so, you can say I like both! 😉

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