Cranky CTOs

A long time ago Brad introduced the phrase “cranky CTO” into my vocabulary. I believe it was in relation to Todd Vernon, who presumably is now a “cranky CEO” 🙂 —- though he was far from cranky when we met a few months ago!

I mention this because I had an email exchange today with our CTO Michael Johnson that I thought crisply exemplified the “cranky CTO” concept:

It makes sense to figure out what it will take to integrate, but mark my words–PRODUCTX will end up having been a big fat waste of time for everyone involved. The general public has an allergic reaction to PRODUCTX systems which is one part complexity/understanding what it is, one part laziness and not wanting to bother with it, and one part distrust/not wanting to be “PRODUCTX’D” on the web.

Names obfuscated to protect the guilty!

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