Apple Convert – Not So Fast

I used to bleed six colors. I sold my MacPlus in 1988 or so and never really looked back. But ever since OSX hit the scene (I used to be a NeXT geek back when), I’ve had recurring thoughts about moving back to Macintosh.

The urge however has been hindered over the years by the following five challenges:

  1. The comparative price points between Mac laptops and Wintel laptops used to be silly. These numbers have gotten surprisingly closer over the last 36 months, no doubt fueled by the fact that the innards of the machines are now nearly identical. I consume laptops at a rate of about one per 12-18 months, so this cost delta matters a lot over time.
  2. The first time I tried to switch (early 2004), I was bowled over by the costs associated with re-buying all the software I owned and used: Word, Excel, Acrobat, Visio, Project, Photoshop, Access, Quicken, and so on and so forth. No way I could justify the added expense on top of the overpriced hardware.
  3. There are some things I do on my peecee that I simply can’t do on a Mac (A/V system controls, a handful of obscure apps, et. al.). The interesting news is that points 2 and 3 are now largely addressed by Parallels – for $80. My only fear is that Apple will crush these guys (and their competitors) because history is replete with examples of Apple doing stupid things like that (file under “nyah nyah – too bad – it’s OUR sandbox!”).
  4. The Apple laptop hardware is big and heavy compared to the myriad Wintel options. I did material damage to my back in 1995 lugging a heavy laptop around SF for a month over my shoulder. I buy light laptops now. Mac laptops aren’t horribly heavy, but they ain’t light either.
  5. This is the big one. Service plans for business users of Apple laptops are a joke. I need a next-day, on-site service agreement (cf. what IBM/Lenovo does). I can’t be without my laptop. It’s not an option. Period. Apple simply does not offer any such service capability for its laptops, which is unfortunate and silly. Further, the Net is replete with examples of problematic Apple laptop service which scare the willies out of me.

So three down and two to go…


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