Consumer Brand Building

There are a lot of reasons why Ferrari is an insanely well-known brand worldwide, year after year. The biggest reason is that they work hard at it.

Case in point: Shell and Ferrari give away stickers each F1 season. You give ’em your address and they ship you an A4 page of full-color, photo-quality, high-gloss stickers. Gratis. It’s a tiny little thing, but it really does help get the brand out there (case in point, snap of my laptop below).

Why doesn’t everybody do this? I want a Triumph sticker for my laptop. Googling “stickers” comes up empty. Yamaha has stickers, though you have to pay for ’em (and I can’t figure out how to). Apple doesn’t seem to have stickers, interestingly enough. NeXT used to include a page of stickers with each computer. I can’t count the number of conversations my SHOEI sticker triggers about helmets and motorcycles (SHOEI includes stickers in the box with your helmet).

Seems like an easy play to do the ROI on. You get an address you can tie demographic data to. If you’re smart, you collect an email address you can communicate with on an ongoing basis. Specialize the stickers to further focus the demographic data. Perahps a net 80 or 90 cents or so per customer/lead? Interesting stuff.


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