Amazing Dry Cleaner

Why is it so hard to find a decent cleaner? I’ve tried probably a dozen around me in the last few years and of those, only three or so have risen above the fray, and only one was truly great.

That is Colonial Cleaners in Holliston MA on Route 16. They are in the little strip mall with Bertucci’s near the 126/16 intersection. Every time I go to some other place (Colonial is not on my commute), I feel like a dope for giving bozos my money instead of someone who actually earns it every time by doing a super job.

The wonderful woman who owns the place immigrated from Russia (if memory serves) many years ago. She’s the most helpful cleaner I’ve ever interacted with in any town in any state. She keeps me from doing stupid things with my dress clothes, and she’s the only person I trust with my nice suits. They don’t have a web site or anything geeky like that. Details below. If you live in the area, she’s absolutely worth seeking out. They will take amazingly great care of you and your clothes.

Colonial Cleaning Center Inc.
402 Washington St.
Holliston, MA 01746-1342
(508) 429-2861

One comment

  1. M Thomas

    I agree, I have been bringing my clothing to Colonical Cleaners for over ten years, and although I have now moved to South of Boston, I still bring my entire winter wardrobe for storage/cleaning at Colonial. Having my clothes handled by a knowledgeable owner makes all the difference. To Lana you are a customer to be pleased not just a name on a sales slip passed to the crew somewhere offsite; she sees your clothes at intake and works on them herself.

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