I’ve f*&@ing had it with Palm.

I’ve been a rabid Palm fan since I got my IIIx back in, well… back so long ago I can no longer remember how long ago it was! From there I moved to the Palm Vx and then the Qualcomm 6035 and then the Kyocera 7135 and today the Treo 650, which I’ve had for two years now. Many, many years of loyal dedication to the Palm software and hardware platform.

In all those years, the desktop software has barely progressed forward. The selection of third-party apps isn’t horrible, but it is certainly underwhelming. Syncing many third-party apps from the device to the desktop is non-trivial or impossible. They have yet to get proper Vista support released. The software is rarely revved. And to add insult to injury, it’s definitely got some bugs.

But I have reached the end of my rope. Palm Desktop 4.1.4 deleted a bunch of my wife’s data yesterday. No clue how or why, but it’s gone. History. Kaput. Poof. Of course the computer doesn’t get blamed and the software doesn’t get blamed – the in-house IT staff (yours truly) gets a hot poker in the eye.

Windows Mobile has its flaws, but Microsoft has clearly worked hard over the years to smooth out WM. Palm was very smart to diversify its OS support to Windows Mobile. I guess here I come, sadly.


  1. Dan

    Decided what you’ll buy instead? The issue I find with the WM vs Palm deal is that there’s always some new manufacturer coming out with cooler/better h/w much faster than you can realistically keep track of. HTC seems to be competing with itself, then throw in the fold the myriad others (HP is surprisingly a contender) and you’re left with a whole mesh of things that don’t necessarily fit the bill.

    The other bit is figuring out how to get real connectivity from GSM providers. I would *kill* for Verizon-esque broadband on their network, but with GSM flexibility. Sadly not to be.

  2. Will

    You might as well be using a chisel to carve your calendar into stone – sandstone, that is. The Palm desktop stuff has never advanced. Notes and Outlook move like glaciers and they make Palm look like the tortoise of the race. Welcome to the real world, Neo . . .

    BTW – who keeps a phone for two years? Luddite. Geesh. 😉

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