A Homepage!

I started using web browsers over a dozen years ago. In that time, I would have to guess that I had a homepage set in my browser for perhaps a month or two in toto. Mostly, my homepage was “about:blank”. For a short while I had my MyYahoo! page as my homepage. For a very short while I had CNN as my homepage.

But just now I changed my homepage in Firefox Options to be Netvibes.

Netvibes is “widgets” on a web page. Think of the Macintosh OS X Dashboard or Yahoo! Widgets. The thing I never much liked about either of those two solutions (and I used both extensively) is that they are desktop-based. I don’t want widgets on my desktop – I want them in a more controllable environment – like my web browser, that I can trivially minimize (and often do).

Tip of the hat to CJC for the heads-up on these guys!

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