Vista Bluetooth Support!

I was ecstatic to find out that Vista supports, right out of the box, the Bluetooth profile for headsets. Microsoft screwed up the Bluetooth stack on XP and never supported this properly. I played with the Widcomm drivers back when and got it to work, but doing so broke other profiles that I needed; and it was never overly stable. I had found some posts online suggesting that after RC2 MS had pulled the full Bluetooth stack and was worried that I’d have to play with Widcomm again. Imagine my surprise when “it just worked”. In fact, it works better than with my cell phone – the OS auto-detects the active headset and re-routes traffic to it (I have to do this manually with my cell phone, albeit it’s only one button push). Works great with X-Lite and Skype. No issues. Woo hoo!


  1. haonan

    how is that possible?

    i paired a moto 350 headset and I’m promted that Windows wants to install two “Bluetooth Peripheral devices”.

    how did you fix this this?

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