‘Round Midnight

Depending upon whose version of history you trust, Thelonious Monk wrote the incredible jazz standard ‘Round Midnight in the early 1940s. It is a stupendous tune that has been covered by countless artists in the last nearly-three-quarters of a century.

I have a collection of many hundreds of jazz discs ripped losslessly to the file server in our house. From that collection, there are 11 versions of the song from 9 artists, including the master from his 1957 album Thelonious Himself – a 21+ minute rendition of the tune, with stops and starts and even Monk chatting a bit. I can’t play favorites outside of Monk’s renditions, but I’ve always loved the ‘richness’ that Danilo Perez brings to the song on his album Panamonk.

I’m crunching through a big backlog of work I have to get done tonight, and in honor of the late night, I have 90 minutes of ‘Round Midnight on rotation. Lovely lovely lovely.


  1. Chris Lawrence


    I love the idea of 90 minutes of Round Midnight on rotation. Played or sung with understanding it is a melody and sequence of harmonies which it is impossible to get tired of.

  2. Official M-Dub

    Hey, just thought I’d leave a note saying hello. I wrote a blog on ‘Round Midnght and your blog post came up a suggested link. Very cool.

    I’ll look in to the various renditions of the song. I really like the one done by Amy Winehouse.

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