Late To Outlook

This weekend I made the move from a Treo 650 (Palm OS / Verizon) to a Treo 750 (Windows Mobile / Cingular). I have no intention of moving off Thunderbird for my email, but I’m officially an Outlook user for calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes.

I somehow managed to make it all the way to 2007 never having used Outlook. Thus far, I’m insanely underwhelmed with Outlook – clearly I missed nothing over those many years of blissful ignorance.

The 750 on the other hand, is cool. More when I have time…


  1. Dan

    Very curious on how you come to terms with Outlook. There’s a HUGE void where outlook ends and real CRM apps begin, and HighriseHQ et alia don’t fill it in.

    I’m particularly curious what “power networking” type of people do, other than have myriad underpaid assistants. Online based apps seem so… insecure.


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