Welcome Linn Records!

The audio geeks in the crowd surely know the brand Linn. Their recording group Linn Records recently re-launched its online store to include online music delivery. They have done two quite noteworthy things:

1. They offer their digital content in three flavors: compressed MP3, WMA lossless redbook, and something they call “studio master” which is 24 bit / 44.1 kHz.

2. Very impressively, none of the files they sell have DRM. They are all DRM-free! This is very very refreshing!

Their catalog is quite limited, but it’s very encouraging to see more folks offering lossless solutions. The pricing is pretty standard (though IMO, still high) at $15 for a redbook album. You can’t buy singles. The “studio master” stuff is over-priced at $29 per album. Note that 24/44 is a somewhat non-standard format. It’s a completely valid format, but usually you see 24/48 or 24/96 or 16/44. Some hardware may have trouble playing it (apparently, my Meridian equipment is, oddly, in that set) – caveat emptor.

MusicGiants recently began offering “Super HD” music formats, though like most things at MG, it’s impossible to figure out what the heck that actually means. I’m sure it’s DRM’d to high heaven. Unlike their redbook offerings, you can’t buy “Super HD” singles.

Welcome to the game, Linn. Kudos!

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