So Much For Cheap 999s?

The latest issue of Motorcyclist Magazine, which hit my mailbox today, contained an exceptionally interesting, and revealing, article comparing the 999S with the 1098S in real track conditions, with a real rider.

Doug Polen, winner of three Superbike Championships in the early 90s, suited up at Buttonwillow to put the two bikes through their paces. The track record there is apparently 1:46.5. Net-net, Polen was able to get the 1098S down to 1:53.31. He was able to get the 999S down to 1:52.25. A second faster than the young gun. While the 1098S outperformed the 999S on the drag strip (the power-to-weight ratio is much better on the new bike), Ducati is clearly engineering at the edge, and newer isn’t necessarily better.

So perhaps my prediction from last year was premature and the 999s will retain their values. Bummer.

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