Neiman Marcus: Spammer?

Neiman’s is spamming me?

I’ve been known to shop at Neiman Marcus now and then. The Neiman’s at the Stanford Shopping Center is probably my favorite NM – great sales folks, IME. Although I’ve gone into their Boston store countless times over the years, I’ve always encountered chaos and/or truly unhelpful sales people.

So I was very happy to learn in late 2005 that they were opening a store at the Natick Mall, about six miles from home. I emailed them immediately, asking to be kept notified of when the store would open and any opening events and all that sort of jazz.

They responded to my email, with no data whatsoever. Such is life. What was really annoying is that they put me on their email lists. I now get something like an email a day from NM. No problem – I can just unsubscribe, right? Well…

Neiman Marcus, Attn: E-mail Removal, Customer Care Department, 111 Customer Way, Irving, Texas 75039

That’s how you unsubscribe. I have to snailmail them! Huh? Their email is now labeled “Junk” by me and Thunderbird filters it appropriately. I won’t get the notifications when the new store opens or any of the opening events and all that sort of jazz. Frustrating and silly.

PS: If you want top-notch men’s clothing in MA, with top-notch sales folks, hit Louis Boston on Newbury St. and ask for Paul Wade.

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