Happy Birthday Chron X !!!

Way back in 1996 – an eternity ago – I started a company called Genetic Anomalies with a few other nutcases. Chron X was our first product. It is an online strategy game that pioneered the “virtual property” economic model. Chron X went live ten years ago on 05/26/1997.

I’m proud to say that the game has been in operation since launch. I don’t have a clue what sort of stats exist for online game endurance, but I’m sure ten years is nothing to sneeze at! Genetic Anomalies operated the product through 2002 or so when it was taken over by a former employee, who has managed it since. It was announced this weekend that a new group was taking the reins, with plans to materially improve and extend it.

Talk about legs!

Kudos and congrats to the crew that launched Chron X way back when, including George, Michael, David, and the numerous stupendous artists and beta testers. Fond memories, all. Kudos and congrats to Andrea and BSRD crew for carrying the baton for the last bunch of years. And best wishes to the crew at Darkened Sky in their efforts to take it forward!

One comment

  1. Matt Holden


    Thanks a million for your words of encouragement. We at Darkened Sky are both humbled and honored to inherit the Chron X legacy, and to carry it proudly through its NEXT decade of prominence. We hope that when the day is done, Chron Xers look back on the tenth anniversary and declare that it was, indeed, a happy birthday and a positive milestone for the community’s overall growth and vitality.

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