SharePoint is SOOOOO Frustrating…

I’m a groupware nutcase. I’ve been using groupware in some form or another since I was first introduced to Lotus Notes roughly fifteen years ago. I have been hearing positive things about SharePoint, so we decided to give it a try.

The good news is, SharePoint is close. They are not that far from a useful system.

The bad news is that I have to assume Microsoft is not eating its own dog food. All sorts of obvious things are messy. For example, you have to write HTML code – they didn’t whip up (or license, or buy) a WYSIWYG or pseudo-WYSIWYG editor. This is insanely-annoying with the wiki tool, and only super-annoying with the discussion threads. You can’t roll-up tasks and calendars from sub-sections of your SharePoint site. The discussion threads are weak, with unimpressive organization/display options and no unread marks. I won’t go on, lest my blood pressure exit safe ranges.

We’ve invested a bunch of time trying to make SharePoint usable. We’re still trying, but I’m concerned we’ve wasted our time 😦 .


  1. joão dias

    sharepoint is a bunch of poop. ever the enterprise edition is utterly useless for read world stuff.

    if only my boss knew drupal or alfresco…

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  3. Brad Feld

    1. Use IE instead of Firefox (or use the IE Rendering Engine in Firefox.)

    2. Sign up to beta test the new NewsGator Enterprise Server SharePoint integration. I can help with that…

  4. Michael Johnson

    Oops. I set Shawn up with bare-bones Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (basically the skeleton you use to develop SharePoint-based web apps). Since I’m not quite a SharePoint MVP yet (my SharePoint experience is about 30 minutes total) it took me a day to realize we needed Portal Server 2003 (SPS) or MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS).

    Downloaded and installed the MOSS 2007 trial. After a quick glance at it, I don’t think it’s going to turn Shawn’s opinion 180 degrees, but it might be adequate. I won’t get into the performance problems–suffice to say this is not a plug-and-play product 🙂

  5. Ishai Sagi [SharePont MVP]

    What are you talking about?
    SharePoint comes with built-in WYSIWYG editor that kicks ass, a built-in aggregation for tasks and calendars for sub sites (only in the enterprise edition) and has a lot of other features.
    I don’t know what you have been experimenting with, or who helped you getting introduced to the tool, but there are solutions for everything you mentioned, with the possible exception of unread marks for discussions. Please also note that sharepoint is not supposed to be a professional web disucussion board – it just has a built-in feature for collaborative discussions.

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