It’s gonna be a BIG RING year!

I’m just astonished at how well virtually all manner of green-stuff is growing this spring. This is our seventh spring in our home, and this level of growth is definitely unprecedented in that period. The tree trunks are gonna have some SERIOUSLY big rings this year!

We’re very much looking forward to the roses – they’re doing stupendously, and the winter didn’t beat them up at all. Our rose garden has a combination of wild and cultivated roses, and the wild roses started blooming last week – probably a good month earlier than they bloomed last year!

This is a picture of “the last rose” in the garden, taken 10/15/06. Oddly enough, the same bush produced the first rose of 2007, though I didn’t get a snap. The centers are more white in the spring and get yellower in the fall (wish I remembered the name of the varietal).

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