Punctual Venture Capitalists!

Dan Primack of Thomson’s PE Week is frequently entertaining. I read his daily PE Week Wire missives and often get a chuckle out of the effort. PE Week Wire recently contained a news snippet as follows:

Entrepreneurs regularly complain that VCs are late to meetings. Well, it seems Sequoia Capital is trying to do something [about] it. The Silicon Valley powerhouse requires staffers to make a $100 charitable donation when late to an entrepreneur meeting — even if it’s only by a minute (no word on who keeps time).

Wow. If other VC firms followed suit, it could become one of the nation’s most well-capitalized charitable endeavors…

While I personally haven’t had any major SNAFUS with investor meetings starting unreasonably late, it’s nice to see a top-notch firm trying to do the right thing – by all parties involved.

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