SharePoint Revisited

A month ago, I posted about some of my many frustrations with Microsoft SharePoint. A few folks commented and others emailed me with push-backs and confusion.

It turns out, my biggest problem was that I was using Firefox instead of IE. Switching the rendering engine to IE for SharePoint made a huge difference. Suddenly there was WYSIMWYG (“mostly”) editing and a few other importnat things. I stupidly thought it was a web app, not a MS app. Silly rabbit!

We’ve learned a lot about SharePoint in the last six weeks and have found a bunch of useful web parts (e.g., replacing the POS WYSIMWYG editor – with something that works better and in both IE and Firefox). We’re eagerly awaiting the NewsGator SharePoint integration. Administration of the server hasn’t been painless, but it hasn’t been a horror story (yet) either. We installed MOSS and then uninstalled it – it’s not necessary for us, especially given the co$t.

So I owe SharePoint some apologies. It definitely doesn’t suck. It’s not nirvana by any stretch (yet), but we seem to be making it work as a company. Nothing new has been posted to Lotus Notes since 06/11.

Random SharePoint tip: never use a Discussion when you can use a Wiki!

One comment

  1. Greg Harrold

    How did you go about replacing the WYSIMWYG editor? We really need to do this for the Wiki’s to work with Firefox…


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