I think Apple makes some of the neatest geek products on the planet. If Apple knows how to do one thing right, it knows how to create object value. When you see an Apple product somewhere, you want to touch it and explore it. It beckons to you.

This evening I was speaking with Jeff Brandes of EveryScape and the topic of the CambridgeSide Galleria came up. He said he likes to park in the mall’s garage so he has an excuse to stop by the Apple store and ‘fondle’ stuff. I bent over laughing because ‘fondle’ is so damn true!

I spent 20 minutes last night in that same store drooling over the new iPod nano. I fondled every color! I also fondled, caressed, and whispered sweet nothings to an iPod classic 80GB, imagining on it my entire 70GB music collection (the ‘small’ version, down-sampled from the half-TB of lossless audio on my home server).


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