I bought a CASSETTE !!!

Remember audio cassettes? In my decades as a music-purchasing audio-junkie, I never bought a pre-recorded cassette. Instead, I would purchase the LP and then, as necessary, make a cassette copy for portable and car use. I switched directly from LP to CD in the mid 80s.


But yesterday I received via snailmail a brand new cassette copy of Miracle Legion’s EP “The Backyard”. This EP was released in 1984, and as far as I know, was never mastered to CD (I’ll be ripping it to my music server shortly). Someone I know or knew had the vinyl of it at some point, but I never got a copy for myself. I’ve poked around for years off and on, online and in record stores, to scare up a copy – without avail. Until now! What a great (short) album. Six tunes and not a clunker among them!

Recorded twenty-three years ago. That doesn’t make me feel too old 😉 .

One comment

  1. Jamie O'Keefe

    Sounds like you have a way to do it, but I have a cassette tape player for the pc that writes the recording to mp3s. If you need someone to record it for you, drop me a line.

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