I Love The Fall

The fall is my favorite season – by a long margin. There’s nothing like fall in New England. I can take or leave the spring here, and I can do without winter, but fall is the shiznit.

In honor of the lovely fall that’s underway, I’ve got my music server churning out the jazz standard Autumn Leaves. I apparently own 11 versions of the song in total, covering two hours altogether. The recordings span half a century, from 1950 (Dizzy) through 2000 (Barber) and range from 3 minutes long (Dizzy) to a marathon 27 minutes (Jarrett)!

One comment

  1. ChrisC

    I’m totally with you when it comes to the fall. By far my favorite season in New England as well. Crisp mornings, college football, the foliage, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Too bad I’m already seeing Christmas decorations in the stores.

    When it comes to Autumn songs, I only have 1 version of Autumn Leaves on my iPod (although I suspect I have a few more versions on CD’s that I have yet to rip). I do have 2 versions of “Autumn in New York” which is a great tune.

    Alas, given my comment above about Christmas decorations, I’m afraid I have far too many versions of “The Christmas Song” on my iPod. Oh well – at least I’ll be ready tune-wise when the Yule rolls around!

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