Welcome Scarlett & Magenta!

The boss and I have apparently gone off the deep end, as we re-felined the house this weekend. We each had cats (three between us) when we got married and we adopted another a few years later. The four cats grew old (some gracefully, some less so) and passed on in the early 2000s when the kids were still tiny. Now that the kids are a bit older, we thought it would be great to revisit the issue of pets.

While we both very much wanted to get a dog, it’s wholly unclear that we have the bandwidth to properly take care of a dog, so we punted. We started visiting cat shelters and decided to adopt a pair of kitties this weekend. Although it’s painfully easy to fall in love with kittens, we wanted older cats, who statistically have a tougher time getting adopted.

We adopted Scarlett, a three year old black and white short-hair and Kitty (who we are calling ‘Magenta’ now), a five year old mostly-white tortoise medium-hair. They lived together previously before they ended up at the shelter. They are both sweet as can be, and seem to be quite happy to be out of the shelter after two months.

Obligatory proud parent pictures below.






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