Kitty/Magenta RIP :-(

This is a sad post to write. On October 21st, we adopted two cats from a local shelter. One of the cats was Kitty (who we were renaming Magenta). I originally met Kitty two weeks prior to us adopting her, and she was a serious sweetheart. It wasn’t much of a stretch to want to take her home! When we adopted the cats two weeks later, Kitty wasn’t entirely herself, but we wrote it off as a bad day. Unfortunately, hindsight being what it is, she was actually in the middling stages of serious liver problems. We took her to the vet within 24 hours of her coming home with us, and a few days later she was back with the dedicated shelter staff and vets being hand-fed and cared-for nearly around the clock. After not quite a week of such loving attention, she shed this mortal coil.

The good news is that Scarlett is doing stellarly in her new home. She’s a love to have around, is patient beyond belief, and loves her new daddy. We all still miss Kitty though.

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