Help Please – Need a Telephony Service…

I am in fairly desperate need of a telephony service that works as follows:

  1. It lives in the cloud.
  2. It has a 617 area code phone number.
  3. I can give it fairly detailed heuristics about find-me/follow-me (what numbers at what times on what days; what to ring in serial and what to ring in parallel; etc.).
  4. It has to have overrides so I can tell it to let my wife and my partner through without any BS.
  5. When it rings my devices, it passes through the caller’s CID, not the service’s CID (totally effing useless).
  6. The service needs to have vmx …
  7. … as well as incoming fax service, delivered as PDF via email.
  8. The service must have great uptime and high quality audio.

I have tried a few services over the last few years. Very few can do #3 (I don’t mind a geeky UI for this). I’ve yet to see one with #4, but I’m told they exist. #5 is a show-stopper, and nobody seems to have it. I’d rather not buy a hosted A* server and have to program it myself…

Any advice or pointers? TIA.

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