Symposium on Reputation Economies

The Information Society Project at Yale Law hosted the Symposium on Reputation Economies in Cyberspace this weekend. I had a blast!

The panels were thought-provoking, and I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with some super folks.

Danielle Citron of the University of Maryland School of Law gave a somewhat chilling, but extremely important, talk about the challenges women are facing expressing themselves online. I’m very much looking forward to her research getting out there soon.

Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation is working to push the P2P meme beyond technology, and has a fantastic perspective on the whole situation. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed digging through P2P’s wiki.

Mari Kuraishi of GlobalGiving is tackling some challenging reputational problems that span distance, geography, and time – all for stupendous causes.

Auren Hoffman of Rapleaf discussed online data privacy and how we all need to think broadly and carefully about whether we want an opt-in or an opt-out Internet.

Last but not least, the inimitable Beth Noveck of New York Law School triggered a number of interesting ideas for me during (and after) her talk – John Clippinger, sitting next to me, was visibly amused as I scribbled furiously in my notebook trying to get it all dumped out of my head!

I wish the shindig was longer- there were a ton of folks I never got to meet properly. Hopefully ISP will turn this into an annual event – I think it could be exceptionally valuable to the community. Kudos and thanks ISP!

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