The Perfect Briefcase?

For whatever reason, I’ve never been totally gleeful with my briefcase choices. I try new ones out from time to time, but seem to inevitably end up back using an inexpensive, generic black nylon jobbie from Eddie Bauer or the like. I’m thinking I may have broken the pattern.

While considering a prettily-customized Timbuk2, and while reading the glowing reviews of TOM BIHN bags, I triangulated on the Briggs & Riley Speedy Mini Brief and have been thoroughly enjoying it for about a month now.


I wanted to try something very small to (a) restrict the weight of my briefcase, (b) force me to be efficient about packing for travel, and (c) be, well, small! The case measures 13.5″ wide by only 10″ high by only 3.5″ deep. It weighs a measly 1.7 pounds and has very neat orange highlights and interior. This is a great bag for us ultra-portable notebook types (X60s here), but it’s not a solution for the 17″ PowerBook folks, for sure. It’s so darn small that I seem to use the (quite comfortable) handles far more often than the shoulder strap, which I may start keeping at home.

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