Purchase History

I’m a big Amazon customer. Apparently, I’ve been so for over a decade now. In fact, I’ve just entered my twelfth year as an Amazon customer. A dozen years. My brain kinda can’t grok that.

I was checking the shipping status on an order I placed yesterday and bumped into this drop-down menu that lets me explore every order since I started using Amazon in 1996. Not entirely sure I actually want to be able to see that data! Thank you Amazon for not totaling up my historic spending back to day one – I might have a cardiac.



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  2. Robert Thompson

    Tried using this and found only one order placed in 2007. An order placed on feb 24, 2010 did not show up and yet I have an AMEX statement that shows the order was made on that date. Any ideas as to what might have happened? I would like to get the info on this transaction for warranty purposes.


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