Glenn Gould

I’ve been doing a deep dive into Glenn Gould’s oeuvre – both aural and textual. I was amused to learn how hard recording engineers worked to avoid and/or remove his humming and singing at the various sessions. Remove it? It’s such a wonderful part of the music – I couldn’t imagine wanting it gone! Some of the recordings are almost duets of piano and voice!

One comment

  1. Lulu

    GG helped get me through law school… gorgeous and soulful work. It seems you can hear Gould’s thinking in the music, particularly his later performances. (Note the differences–if you haven’t already–between the 1955 and 1982 Goldberg Variations. The 1955 performance has a technical beauty to it, but 1982 is infused with Gould’s life. Or so methinks.

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