This whole stimulus package thing makes me want to wretch. $100B in consumer handouts is going to have a useful long-term impact? Please. Never mind that the country doesn’t have a spare $100B lying about…


  1. The Boba Fett

    Complete nonsense. As you said – half of it will go right to China in the form of iPods and WalMart purchases. It’s not bad enough that it has a net-negative effect (who is paying for it and how? – at the end of the day it’ll cost us far more than 100BB), the structure of deployment is pathetic at best.

    Welcome to Japan 2.

  2. Jamie O'Keefe

    We are talking short-term stimulus, here. Though it is reported that it includes an accelerated business depreciation allowance which could increase investment expenditures and improve productivity.

    That said, it lacks an extension of unemployment benefits and a temporary increase in food stamps and so its benefit to the poor and working class is small. Since these are the folks who are more likely to spend it, the effects will be reduced.

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