Audio Compression Question

I’m a lossless audio kinda guy. But sometimes you need to compress – for example, when moving your half-TB of lossless music onto your iPod Classic.

Currently I’m recoding all that FLAC and WMA-L to MP3 @ 320kbps CBR via the LAME encoder at its ‘insane‘ setting.

As best I can tell,  within the confines of the MP3 and AAC formats, that’s the best I can do below the lossless option. Is that true? It results in about 4:1 compression, which is, quite frankly, more compression than I need.

One comment

  1. The Boba Fett

    Do youhave some incredible reference system and a sound hall in which you listen, combined with glorious ears a dog would kill for? Just curious why you’re a nutjob about this stuff.

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