Evernote: My Brain, Online!!

I first played with the Windows version of Evernote back in early 2007 or late 2006. My friend Chris was/is a big fan of the product and encouraged me to try it out. Ever since Notebook on NeXT back in the early 90s, I’ve been searching for a tool to help me organize “random stuff” on my computers. There are some neat Mac apps, but I run Windoze.

So I tried Evernote out back then and, while I liked it, I chose not to upgrade after the trial period. I didn’t love it.


But man has stuff changed! Evernote is effectively a new company and a new product now. In the “it’s a small world” department, my friend Phil joined up as CEO in Mid-2007. They have brought the capability into the online realm, and in my opinion, they are kicking ass. The Mac client is really impressive. The Windows client has improved and they’re doing another rev soon. The web client is stupendously great – and Evernote handles all the syncing automagically – THANK YOU! I’m running the Windows Mobile client too on my Treo 750 WM6 – which is way useful.

It’s an invite-only beta right now. But surf on over to sign up !

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