“Social Graph” … Bleh

We need a better phrase than “social graph” to explain the connectedness that exists between us online. Anybody have one they’d care to share?

My graph of connectedness isn’t just about “social-ness”. Many of my LinkedIn connections are purely business-related (if one wants to make that semantic distinction of ‘business’ versus ‘social’). The zillions of people I trade emails with are certainly ‘connected’ to me in some way, but are they part of my “social graph”? Not all of them; and certainly not in the way the phrase is generally being used today.

Beyond these sorts of explicit connections, I also have implicit connectedness to all sorts of people. There’s certainly connectedness between me and the folks I hang around with on chat boards like BenzWorld, CoffeeGeek, and Ducati.ms that is only rarely made explicit. There is implicit connectedness to the people who are posting craigslist for-sale items similar to mine. There is an implicit connectedness of the seventeen guys flirting with the same woman on Match.com. How does that implicit stuff get insinuated into the nomenclature?

“People Graph” is a bit odd, IMO. “Connectedness Graph” is a tad cumbersome. “Network Graph” sounds like some expensive tool for nerds! I kinda like “Net.Connectedness”, but talk about geeky!

Suggestions? Pointers?


  1. Robert Michel

    I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

    Robert Michel

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