Doing Business in MA: Scary Wage Law Changes

I haven’t done a deep dive on this yet, but this sure does not look pleasant for the business climate in our fair state.

Basically, changes to the Massachusetts’ Wage Act take effect in July that call for employers to suffer treble damages in apparently any case of an employee being underpaid.

Now if you’re trying to screw your employees, you deserve what you get – for sure, and then some. But if you just make a mistake – an error in good faith (hell – I’ve made plenty of mistakes in payrolls over the last 15+ years!) – you are TOAST. Dyslexic and transposed some numbers? Tough shit. In the hospital for emergency surgery and the payroll provider had to run this payroll with last payroll’s numbers? Tough shit.

I hope I am misunderstanding this. This article suggests I am not. This is truly inane.

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