SOHO Computer Desk

Over the last couple of weeks, a number of folks have remarked on my computer desk – what was it – where can you get one, etc.

It is a SOHO brand, wildly-adjustable thing that I purchased in 1997 or 1998 from the then-fairly-young MicroCenter store in Cambridge. I had understood that SOHO the company (which apparently was also fairly young then) went kaput and that was that.

HOWEVER, it appears that might not be the case! SOHO appears to have been acquired by a company called Mayline. The Mayline site does not list SOHO branded products, or anything like my table, BUT Google Products has all sorts of interesting relevant listings! Damn cheap too. I’ve beaten on my SOHO for a decade now and love it to death. It came with four shelves and four sets of adjustable shelf rails, and I purchased an additional “big-ass” shelf that can be used for your keyboard/mouse if you want bigger space (not shown above).

FWIW! Thought I’d share that Google link for the interested folks. Enjoy!


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  4. Rick

    Following the one-post-per-year pattern here, I too have one of these Soho desks from the mid-90’s. I’ve never found anything to equal its ability to store a lot of stuff in a little space. I had 4 computers — 3 towers and a laptop — plus an ancient CRT monitor plus a printer plus power strips tied to the vertical supports plus KVM switch, hub, lamp, etc etc all loaded on the SOHO with no complaints. We just moved to a new house and I was trying to position all this stuff on/under/around a desk — there was no way it was going to fit. I’ve just hauled out the disassembled SOHO and started to put it back together…stumbled on this site while looking for a picture, to make sure I’m doing it right. The Mayfield pictures will do the job…thanks for the link.

  5. amateriat

    Quite interesting: I bought one of these desks at roughly the same time you did, at A.I. Friedman in Manhattan (Chelsea). Still have it, and it’s still in great shape (although I’d like to find replacements for the little round plastic inserts for the shelves…not a biggie, but I’d like them nonetheless). I’ve yet to find another desk that comes close to the SOHO for function, versatility and space-efficiency.

    And, yes, it appears the desk is alive and well and made by Mayline, but you’d never know it from their website, which is the most difficult-to-navigate site I’ve seen in a while. I’ll be calling them after the holidays regarding spare parts and the like.

    Thanks for the leads!

  6. MarceloR

    Landed here looking for parts for my SOHO as I wanted to get an extra shelf and brackets. I bought mine when they were very expensive and I was piqued to see them at Microcenter at a much lower price, albeit with slightly lower quality parts, some years later. I actually bought mine directly at the offices of the folks who designed it, above Pizzeria Uno on Boylston street. Took it home on a Taxi ride. In the old days it supported two 21 inch lead-heavy CRT’s and two sun workstations with aplomb. Nowadays it carries LCD and laptop type loads. It’s too bad, if I don’t find the parts I need I’ll here to retire it.

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