Maybe iPhone version 3 will get there?

This article on Crave suggests that the iPhone 3G might still not work for me, which is a real bummer. Ms. Lee points out the following apparent shortcomings of the upgraded phone:

Multimedia messaging – Almost every other cell phone in the market has the ability to send images to other cell phones via multimedia messaging, or MMS. Yes you can still e-mail those photos, but MMS is such a basic feature that it should’ve been in the iPhone from the start.

I know I can live happily without MMS. Email works. Generally speaking, the people I’d MMS pictures to all have devices that can receive email with pictures. Though it does seem like a damn silly omission since presumably it just ain’t that much code.

Copy and paste – Again, this is such a basic feature. Having copy and paste makes it easier to type out text messages and e-mails.

Egads. This still isn’t fixed? C’mon guys….

Video recording – In the world of mobile video, Qik, and YouTube, it’s a shame the iPhone doesn’t have video-recording capabilities. Yes the quality wouldn’t be that great, but it should be an option anyway.

Agreed. I use this all the time on my T750 – mostly catching fun things my kids are up to. Great great stuff for the grandparents et. al. Seems like a pointless omission.

Voice command – For a touch-screen phone, we think voice command and voice dialing would’ve been a great feature add-on for the iPhone. Perhaps this will be added via a third-party app, but we would really prefer this to be a native setting.

Egads again. I just assumed this was in there. I’m appalled that it’s not. I’m addicted to voice commands for their convenience. Never mind the safety issues when you’re driving and really shouldn’t be thumbing through the contacts on your phone. Maybe a third-party app will be able to do this, but thus far I’ve been unimpressed with the lack of low-level access the API gives to developers to stuff like, for example, the microphone.

Bluetooth flexibility – Right now, all you can use Bluetooth on the iPhone for are headset voice calls, and that’s it. This is sufficient for most people, sure, but we would like for Apple and AT&T to open up the Bluetooth profiles for the iPhone. This means we would like stereo Bluetooth and A2DP for streaming music wirelessly, Bluetooth tethering so we can use the iPhone as a modem, and finally we would like to have Bluetooth file-transfer protocol so we can transfer files to and fro the iPhone.

This is a real Achilles heel for the iPhone IMO. I don’t think I could live without DUN or PAN (for starters). I use my T750 as a modem every week, and if I’m traveling, I use PAN a few times a day. I only sync my T750 via wireless bluetooth SYNCH. This Wikipedia article outlines most of the available Bluetooth profiles. The Bluetooth stack Apple uses in the iPhone (it’s a third-party stack) supports most to all of these profiles, but Apple made a (marketing? engineering? bizdev?) decision not to support 99% of them with the iPhone, and it appears they may not be fixing that decision with the iPhone 3G.

I’ll reserve final judgment until the phone is released and we really know what’s what, but c’mon guys…


  1. Fuzu

    Ooh oops i just wrote a long comment and as soon as i submitted it it came up blank! Please please tell me it worked right? I do not want to write it again if i dont have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am just stuipd, the second option doesnt surprise me lol.

  2. H.Bothner

    Everybody writes about the great iPhone, what a laugh, it is missing all these essential functions, can’t even forward a SMS. The phone looks great and is fun but for work absolutely useless.

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