Officially Off the Coffee Deep End?

For some reason I can’t explain, I was drawn to my local The Container Store this evening to “fix the coffee storage problem” at Chez Broderick-Ruggieri. There was an insane selection of options, and I ended up with some very nice Klip It containers. Since we go through so much coffee, I had to pick up a reusable labeling system too!

I’ll save you the pity of the ‘before’ picture. Here’s the fridge ‘after’:

Each one liter container holds 12 ounces of beans. Those of you who think coffee is sold in one pound / 16 ounce increments, clearly don’t shop at Terroir where crazy coffee people pay the going one pound price for gourmet coffee and only expect to get 12 ounces.

For any of the folks out there doing math in their heads, I’ll save you the time: yes, that’s just over three pounds of coffee beans, and that’s just the stuff we have open. The unopened, still-vacuum-sealed parcels from Peet’s and Terroir are in one of the freezers. You can ask, but I won’t admit publicly how much coffee is in the deep-freeze. Suffice it to say that guys like Lula have our home phone on speed dial 🙂 .

The labels can be erased and re-written on – they’re pretty cool!

This is 12oz of George Howell Terroir Sumatra Mandheling from the northern Sumatra region of Indonesia. It was roasted 04/17/08 in a southern-Italian espresso roast. It scored 92 points at Coffee Review (yes, it is stupendous!)!

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