Pidgin Convert

After two concerted-but-aborted attempts to wean myself off of Trillian in the last year or so, I finally think I’ve done it. I’m a Pidgin user now. Pidgin doesn’t support audio and video like Trillian does, but I find that I use Skype almost exclusively for online audio and video conversations these days, so those features weren’t key. Otherwise, the apps are damn similar – including the once or twice per day crashes – but c’est la vie.

The Skype IM integration and Facebook IM integration are just great on Pidgin – I’m way impressed. Lots of other neat plugins too!

Do check it out if you’re looking for a multi-protocol IM client.


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  3. Shawn

    ACCOUNTS: AIM x2, Y!M x2, MSN x2, XMPP x2, ICQ, Skype, Facebook

    PLUGINS: OTR, Windows Pidgin Options, Release Notification, Offline Message Emulation, History, Mesage Timestamp Formats

  4. Dan

    Have not had any crashed on Pidgin, actually. But I use it almost exclusively for AIM.

    What plugins are you using?

  5. Shawn

    Digsby seemed to do similar stuff. It wasn’t clear to me that it did much more than Pidgin to forego the great plugins, which I use extenstively. I use one computer, basically, so the server-side sync isn’t that valuable, and I’m not sure I like the idea of them having that level of unfettered access to all those accounts 🙂 .

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