Facebook IM – Useful!

With my conversion from Trillian to Pidgin, I have been using (quite a bit) the Facebook IM service, now that I have ultra-trivial access to it. When Facebook’s IM service originally launched, I was not terribly interested since I don’t live inside Facebook and my list of Facebook friends is a teensy microcosm of the folks I regularly IM with.

But having Facebook as “just another” IM protocol alongside AIM, Y!M, Skype, MSN, et. al. makes the process completely transparent. If I want to have a quick text with Brad, my multi-protocol IM client (Pidgin) let’s me talk to him wherever he happens to be online – and sometimes that’s Facebook and not Y!M or Skype.

Facebook’s touting of itself as a “Social Utility” is starting to ring truer with functionality like this.

There’s something profound to be said about this exercise. It has to do with the inevitable process we’re going through now and in the near future to detach message from medium and put the users in a ton more control of their communications. More on that later…

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