iPhone Alternatives

Ever since my post back in June about iPhone alternatives, I’ve been tracking the Net to see what might be coming down the pike and thought I’d share some data.

At this point, there seem to be four serious, potential options on the horizon. All of these devices should be in the US by the end of September (purportedly). None of them are currently shipping in the US, so one should probably consider the specs not entirely finalized. YMMV.

Unless you have truly stupendous eyesight, click on the table below for some summary data on these beasties:

The first group of three phones include full QWERTY keyboards. The second group of three phones do not include a tactile keyboard. The Treo 750 and Apple iPhone 3G are included for comparative purposes. I found the V(olume) column to be a rather interesting comparator.

The HTC Touch Pro is effectively the HTC Touch Diamond with a keyboard and a microSD slot. Kudos HTC on hitting both markets. You can purportedly buy an unlocked Touch Diamond today for $730 to $830. Unlocked pre-orders of the Touch Pro seem to be running $800 to $1000.

The SonyEricsson XPERIA X1 looks like a killer device with an insane display. Rumors are that it’s manufactured for S/E by HTC. Unlocked pre-orders seem to be running $900 to $1000.

The Samsung “Omnia” SGH-i900 looks like a compelling device on the face of it, but the display resolution, quite frankly, compared to the other emerging offerings, sucks. Perhaps they’ll address this before it ships. Unlocked pre-orders seem to be running $800 to $900.

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