Headset Nirvana?

Although I’m still in the evaluation process, early returns are looking very positive on this so I wanted to blog about it in case anybody else can find the information useful!

Back in June I blogged that I was taking another dive into the Jawbone world, via the Jawbone 2. I used the beastie for about two months and it was definitely working out for me, albeit it wasn’t perfect. Most specifically, and most usually for these sorts of things (for me at least), I couldn’t quite get the fit perfect.

I was lamenting the fit challenges as I searched around the Net on it (clearly others must have the same complaints) and I stumbled across Avery Sound. Avery makes custom ear molds for hearing products, including bluetooth headsets. Basically, they know how to (a) do quality, custom-molded earpieces and (b) interface same with commercial products.

Please excuse the horrific cellphone photos, but here’re some snaps of the final result. If anybody really wants good pics, LMK and I’ll take ’em proper.

With this setubp, I do not need the ear loop at all. This was one of the original sales pitches of the Jawbone 2 that I dug – but the fit didn’t work for me that way with the stock ear flange options. With the custom mold, the damn thing just stays glued in my ear. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m guessing I could run with it in.

My first concern when I ordered was that the ear mold fit might not be right, but that was entirely unfounded – and Avery promises to redo it if you’re not absolutely happy with the fit. My second concern was “how do they know how to do the Jawone interface so that the little plastic nub thing stays stuck to my cheek?”. This seemed like it could be a major liability. It wasn’t an issue. Presumably they’re smart about how they rout the little hole in the mold that the Jawbone interfaces with so that the angle is pretty substantial. The nub stays firmly pressed to my face – no drama.

Net-net, I can’t imagine owning a headset in the future without a custom molded earpiece. I’m ruined. The thing is crazy comfy. Can’t speak highly enough about Avery. Thanks guys!

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