Chron X at GenCon

GenCon got underway this morning in Indianapolis! When I was in the video game business, I always looked forward to GenCon. E3 was interesting, but it was a lot of work – meetings, bizdev, etc. GenCon was a lot of work too, but it was also lots of fun as well. They were composed of completely different crowds since the majority of E3 folks were there for business and the majority of GenCon folks were there to game their butts off for 3-4 days

My friend Joe, a former Genetic Anomalies employee, is at GenCon and was totally surprised to see a big Chron X booth. w00t!

The good folks at Darkened Sky Studios have been doing yeomans’ duty keeping the faith alive! I still have half-a-dozen or so of the original pieces of Chron X artwork framed in my home. The four founders of Genetic Anomalies will actually be together for the first time in YEARS in just two weeks … maybe we’ll log into the server and cause some trouble 😉 .


  1. Cyberelfwine

    That is real, Chronx still alive come on visit us, The old Game is the best. And now we have a CX2.

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