WTB: Hohner G3T or Steinberger Spirit GT-PRO or Synapse SS-2F

It’s been a long time since I last built a guitar.

In college, I purchased a used, beat-to-crap Rickenbacker 4001 and did a complete overhaul on it, with a totally new, beautiful, natural darkish red wood finish, some replacements of broken parts, and some minor upgrades to the electronics. Shame on me for selling that thing. I still kick myself. I don’t even have a decent picture of it – just a dark, distant snap of me playing it at a Chenango Forks gig in 1988 or so.

That first project inspired me to push further, and I decided I wanted to convert my Peavey bass to a fretless. One thing led to another (like finding Warmoth) and I ultimately ended up building a fretless J Bass from scratch, reusing only the tuning pegs from the old Peavey! I still play and love her:









In the last few months I’ve had a growing hankering to get an electric guitar (we’ve got only an acoustic in the house). After building the fretless bass, I couldn’t imagine buying something off the shelf. At first I thought I’d build a strat from scratch. But in the last few days I’ve decided that what I really want is an old-school Steinberger L type headless. Small, light, portable. Very 80s ;-).

So, long story long, I am officially looking to find a used, cheap guitar of that design to tear apart, refinish, and rebuild with top-quality pups et. al. Condition is not a big deal. As long as the neck is straight and true, and the bridge is in great shape, I don’t care if the electronics work or if the paint is beat to crap. If anybody has one they want to get rid of, get in touch! The particular recent-day models that are interesting are as follows:

  • Hohner G3T
  • Steinberger Spirit GT-PRO (Standard or Deluxe)
  • Steinberger Synapse SS-2F (if you want to take a bath on it)

Not sure when the hell I’m going to have time to do this project, but let’s take it one step at a time!


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  2. paul martin

    I have a ’92 jet black factory G3T that I just restrung for sale. Played very little in its long life, but not a scratch (i.e….not a project instrument). What’s your offer?

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