Purpose From Tragedy

Three years ago, our family suffered tragedy when a drunk driver crossed a highway median and ran head-on into my cousin Brian and his wife Heidi’s car. In Brian’s words:

The reality is that the accident is just the beginning of the story. The drunk driver who hit us not only killed our daughter, Holly, but he changed my wife and I as people forever.

Brian and Heidi have been working tirelessly to keep drunk drivers from causing others such horrible pain and loss. Today they participated in a press conference of law enforcement officials urging people to be careful and thoughtful about driving this Labor Day weekend.

WCVB ran this piece on the 5:30 news tonight, and the Boston Globe posted this article and video online today. NECN and The Boston Herald also have news items up about the event.

Kudos to Brian and Heidi for bravely speaking out. I’m certain I can’t imagine how painful it is to revisit it all again. Hopefully their experience can save others from intoxicated drivers.

Please folks, don’t drink and drive. Not this weekend or any other. Please, just don’t do it.

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