Mac vs. PC Ads … Enough

I think Apple‘s Mac vs. PC television ads have run their course – they really seem to be stretching now to find points of differentiation. I’m no Microsoft apologist – half my tweets are probably me ranting about Vista! I used to bleed six colors back when, and I was a devout “OS X” user when it was called NeXTSTEP back in the early 90s.

The last ad I saw really irked me. I think this is it. The PC guy is a “king” on a throne with a scepter and lots of gold and red velvet about. The net-net is that the Mac guy explains that if you buy a Mac laptop at the store, the “geniuses” will transfer your files from your PC to your Mac right then and there.

While this is a nice service, it’s hardly something worth investing production money and ad buys in. The problem isn’t moving files. IMO, and IME, the fundamental reason why switching is so hard is the software. “It’s the applications, stupid.”

I’ve looked seriously at switching – twice. Once in 2004 (?) when OSX came out – I owned a MacBook at the time, and again in early 2007 when I ultimately bought my current daily driver X60s. In both cases, I decided the hardware was acceptable, the OS was sex, and virtually all my data would move between the platforms. BUT, and it’s a gigantic BUT, the real cost of switching was much higher when I factored in the cost of buying AGAIN all the software I use: Office, Photoshop, Acrobat, etc. Once you factored those costs in it was a non-starter. Apple’s lack of next-day service plans for their laptops was a huge liability too.

If Apple wants to impress the serious PC users, invest those ad dollars instead to get the big software companies to enable and permit license transfers between the platforms. That would be worth crowing about!

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  1. Will

    As you know, I’m no Apple fanboy. While I appreciate what the company has done with it’s OS and with its consumer electronics products, it has made itself into a whale in a relatively small pond – OK, maybe it’s a lake.

    The vast majority of what Apple produces is more about entertainment and eye candy than it is about getting work done. With the exception of Final Cut, Aperture and maybe GarageBand, it’s all just toys. Great toys, mind you, and totally cool to play with, but not a bit about getting real work done.

    Windows, on the other hand, is all too serious about itself. It’s almost all about getting real work done with almost no fun at all. You’d think the economics of the environment would draw these two closer together. I think they both try to close the gap, but for some weird reason, the gap remains open.

    In the end I, like you, NEED the productivity that comes from Microsoft and LONG FOR the fun of Apple. Of course, I NEED a Jeep, but I want a Ferrari. Where do those meet in the middle?

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