Is New Facebook the new New Coke?

TrustPlus has been hard at work getting our new flash widget out to the social networking sites. Our Facebook app is in testing now. We have focused on “Old Facebook” design, but we are keeping tabs on “New Facebook” as well.

I’ve done a deep dive into “New Facebook”, and I’m just not getting it. Apparently I’m not alone, as this topic’s dozens of pages on the Facebook Discussion Board nearly uniformly attest.

I have yet to see the compelling win for the user. The level of complexity is just generally higher across the board. It’s tougher to find the information I’m looking for on a friend’s profile. It’s much more complicated to set data access permissions for apps. Some useful functionality of Old Facebook seems to just be flat-out gone. And so on and so forth.

Does anybody out there think New Facebook is a good thing? The only non-detractors I’ve found thus far seem to argue solely that “simpler is better” and therefore it’s better. It’s an argument… Any and all thoughts from the blogosphere appreciated!

One comment

  1. Helen

    I really don’t like the new Facebook setout either – the way I found your blog was because I typed in “New Facebook New Coke” into Google (as that’s my view on it as well and my latest FB status comment) – why go ahead with something that appears will be universally hated? I suspect someone at Facebook is trying to justify their job. As the well worn adage goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

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