iFondling the New Touch

I had the distinct pleasure of iFondling the new iPod touch a few days ago. What an impressive piece of engineering – truly a marvel. If the thing had the iPhone’s camera and a (real) Bluetooth stack it would be a completely killer device, IMO.

For the first time iFondling one of these beasties, I spent a ton of time really mucking about with the UI and apps. I walked away just astonished at how stellarly they executed on the software. The one-finger gestural inferface is far and away the sine qua non – though lots of people are working hard to catch up, and will. In true Apple fashion the software does what it does and it doesn’t do what it doesn’t do. As I like to tell my dear iSheep friends when they complain about something their device doesn’t do: “That’s not a problem. Steve says you don’t need to do that.” But what it does do, it does stupendously. I am so in lust for one of these things, but I run my life and define my technology needs – not Steve. I really don’t need another “tech toy” right now, which is the status an iPhone or iPod Touch would get relegated to given the devices’ limitations.

While in the Apple store, I asked one of the ‘geniuses’ at the iPhone table whether or not the iPhone 3G had gotten a real Bluetooth stack in the recent hardware or software upgrade processes. I knew the answer but was curious to hear the party line on why the stack is such a fucking joke. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him sigh and acknowledge unhappily that it is still crippleware (my word, not his). Hopefully that sort of reaction is bubbling up…

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